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Amsterdam: bicycle city

It's common knowledge: in Amsterdam the only quick way to get to your destination is by bicycle. If you take the car you're sure to get stuck behind a truck that has stopped to make a delivery. On your bike you can slip through every gap and alley with no trouble. Riding your bike in Amsterdam makes you enjoy this beautiful city in the best way. The disadvantage is that cyclists have taken such command of Amsterdam that it sometimes causes dangerous situations. So be careful! It is possible to buy a new bike, or second hand, when you decide to do this, which makes sense when you stay.

Bike hire
There are several places you can rent a bike in Amsterdam.

Biking on the canals
Beware the other traffic! You are not very fast on a water bike. It is a lot of fun, though.

Amsterdam by bicycle ( by Karina Miñano)

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. The canals and historical houses constructed in such a unique and wonderful way that it makes Amsterdam a particular and very pleasing city for the tourist or visitor. A characteristic that attracts the visitor is the way how the Dutch people move around. Not by means of a car or train, for them there is no better vehicle than the bicycle.

The Netherlands is the country of bikes. In this small piece of land almost 16,5 million people live and there are more than 17 million bicycles. Furthermore, The Netherlands has almost 10,000 km of bike ways, not only in the cities, but also those that connect one city to another. However, the bicycle is much more than a distraction, it is a way of transport, to go to work, to school or to go to drink something with friends.

In Amsterdam itself there are more than 400,000 bicycles. When a visitor goes out of the central station of Amsterdam, the first panoramic vision that catches the eye on the front side is the parking exclusive for bicycles. The entry of the central station is full with thousands of parked bicycles.

You can see different types of bicycles, from the most common: ordinarily for one person to those that you cannot imagine: to ride a bicycle in completely lazy position, lying down . The small children have a seat (or two, depending on how many children there are in the house) on the bicycle of their parents. Or you can see bicycles adapted with a kind of push-cart to take more than one child simultaneously. These are used frequently by babysitters or au-pairs.

You should not surprise yourself if suddenly you see a businessman impeccably dressed in an elegant suit, with an executive briefcase, riding a mountain or a racing bike. This man goes directly to his job like this.

Many tourists, when seeing cyclists all over the place, are infected by the spirit of Amsterdam and decide to cross the city riding a bicycle. Some of them are not accustomed to use the bicycle frequently and because of it many tourist are surprised by the lithe and speed of the Dutch when riding their bicycle.

The cyclists are an important part of the urban panorama, for this reason specific rule have been designed for them. The routes for bicycles are very well laid out by signs throughout and across the city.

There are many people who are afraid of riding a bicycle in Amsterdam, nevertheless we might say that Amsterdam is a very secure city in this aspect, because the drivers, the chauffeurs of streetcars or busses and the pedestrians are completely accustomed to bikes. If you want to take your bicycle or to rent one in Amsterdam, it would be a good idea to find out beforehand on some basic traffic rules for cyclists.

Anyway if you don’t have a bike but you are infected by the spirit of Amsterdam, there is more than one place where you can rent a bike for one, two days or a week. In other words, a better way, to cross, to get to know Amsterdam and to enjoy the landscape of the city than by bicycle, does not exist. Decide to enjoy some days of sun and feel the freedom that mounting a bicycle can give you. Visit Amsterdam.

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