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From Amsterdam, Eindhoven can be reached within an hour and a half by train. The fifth largest city of the Netherlands is situated in the southeast of the Netherlands in the province named Brabant.

Short history of Eindhoven

Eindhoven is first mentioned in the written history in 1232 when Eindhoven gained city rights by the duke of Brabant Hendrik. At this time Eindhoven was a very small walled town with about 170 houses situated at a higher lain area between the Dommel and the Gender stream and just outside the city walls stood a small castle. At the place where this little castle stood you can now find villa Ravensdonk.

Besides city rights Eindhoven was also given the right to organize weekly markets which attracted many farmers and merchants from nearby villages to sell their products. This partially caused the city’s growth, but also the fact that Eindhoven lied on the trade route from Holland to Liege (Belgium) contributed to this. Between this time and the seventeenth century Eindhoven was occupied by several parties (Dutch, French, Spanish), and eventually in 1629 it became an official part of the Netherlands.

In the nineteenth century Eindhoven grew considerably as well in population as in wealth. This was due to the industrial revolution. Canals were dug, roads and railroads were constructed connecting Eindhoven to the Zuid-Willemsvaart canal, Tilburg,´s-Hertogenbosch, Venlo and Belgium.

At first the industrial activities focussed mainly on the tobacco and textile industry. Later in 1891 Philps was founded as light bulb manufacturing company and created an explosive growth of industry in the region. And ever since then Eindhoven is known as the city of lights.

Van Abbemuseum - Bilderdijklaan 10

The Van Abbemuseum is one of the leading museums for modern and contemporary art. The impressive collection includes works of Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky, El Lissitzky, Theo van Doesburg, Mondriaan and Appel. January 2003 the completely renovated museum opened its doors again. The existing building is expanded and provides four times as much exhibition space. The renovated museum also provides accommodation for an auditorium, a bookshop, restaurant and unique multimedia library.

Philips first Incandescent Lamp Factory of 1891
Emmasingel 31

Experience the atmosphere of the 19th century during a tour at the first and oldest Philips factory building right in city centre. See with your own eyes how light bulbs used to be made in that period (1891). Guided tours: Wed. till Sat. at 14.00 and 15.00 h. and upon request.
Group reservations: T +31 (0)40-2323180, VVV Tourist Shop

Artificial Light in Art Centre 'Kunstlicht in de kunst'
Emmasingel 31

A unique collection of paintings and sculptures with artificial light as the central theme. You only realise after a visit to this centre what the part of artificial light is in everyday life, now and in the past. 600 works are on permanent exhibition and at the same time, temporary exhibitions are held regularly. The museum is housed in the very first Philips Incandescent Lamp factory.
Opening hours: Wed till Sat 12.00 - 16.00h.

Guided Tours

The special history of Eindhoven (including Philips and DAF) is told during the VVV guided tour (in different languages).
Information and reservations:
T +31 (0)40 - 2323180 (VVV Tourist Shop)

City Walk

You prefer to discover Eindhoven on your own? Pick up the 'City Walk' brochure from the VVV Tourist Shop or order here.
Available in English, German and Dutch

Art galleries & Exhibitions

Free art gallery brochure is available at the VVV Tourist Shop
DAF Museum - Tongelresestraat 27

Museum Kempenland
St. Antoniusstraat 5-7
120 historic DAF-cars, trucks, rally cars and delivery vans with full explanation

This museum shows the cultural history of Eindhoven and the region, Brabant painting, photography and fine sculpture from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Historic Open Air Museum 
Boutenslaan 161b

Experience daily life in the Iron Age and in mediaval city 'Endehoven'. Animals are rummaging about and people in prehistoric and mediaeval clothing are working in and around their houses. You can also participate in all types of activities.

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