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Fact sheet


16,339,835 (August 2006)

Economic growth

2,8% 2nd Quarter 2006

Unemployed labour force

5,4% June – September 2006

Consumer condidence

9 October 2006


1,1% September 2006


79,9 %



Seat of government 

Den Haag

Official name:

Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (Kingdom of the Netherlands)


the Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles

Former colonies:

Indonesia, Surinam

Other colonies:

Manhattan, Macao, South Africa

Dutch is spoken in:

the Netherlands, Belgium, Surinam, Netherlands Antilles, Indonesia, South Africa.

State form:

Constitutional monarchy

Head of state:

Queen Beatrix (hereditary title)

Government type:

parliamentary democracy

The average age of the population in Amsterdam in 2005 is 37 years. In total there are more then 39 care homes for the elderly in the city. In 2020 there will be more than 419.015 houses in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam 31% of the residents have car but only 6% of the residents of Amsterdam put their car in a private garage. Amsterdam counts 222 trams, 277 buses, 106 train/metro lines and 8 ferrys. Also Amsterdam has got 3 indoor ski slopes. There are 37 theatre organisations in Amsterdam. In total there are 340 hotels in Amsterdam.

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