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Maastricht, the oldest city of The Netherlands

Within 2 and a half hours from Amsterdam, by train. Maastricht has a lot of charm thanks to a special mixture between intimity and the allure of a big city. The oldest part of the city is the neighbourhood close to the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwebasiliek, where the Romans builded their forts. Centuries later on the west side the Sint Servaas was built, close to the old Roman highway to Tongeren (Belgium). Between those two places more and more little streets came which nowadays creates the centre of Maastricht. It is only a few miles big but it has a lot to offer. After a few steps you are already in front of a special store or a galery with style. From the cafés you can here a the cosy noise of people chatting, far away you see a nice terrace. Name me a better place to have a nice meal then in one of the very good restaurants or eating cafes.



Natural History Museum

Dolls Museum

Museum Spanish Government

Derlon Museum Cellar

Africa Centre

Treasure St. Servatius Basilica

Treasure-house Basilica of Our Lady

Church and tower of St. Jan

Historical Printing Museum

Brewery de Keyzer N.A. Bosch


Maastricht constitutes an ideal city for shoppers by virtue of the large number of shops and department stores in the city-centre region between the Vrijthof square and the railway station.
A day’s shopping in Maastricht provides visitors with both an appealing and a very special experience, since the majority of the city’s stores are located in historical streets. The well conserved and excellently maintained small-scale Wyck quarter on the Eastern bank of the Meuse offers a refined shopping culture, with its renowned and long-established stores specialized in art, antiques, design, home furnishings and accessories and fashion, and its delicatessens. Much of the former glory of the quarter has been preserved in its late 19th century Stationstraat and Wycker Brugstraat, and its 17th-18th century Rechtstraat and Hoogbrugstraat.
The city’s Western quarter on the Meuse with the oldest region around the Stokstraat district - has a particular appeal to visitors. It offers them a large number of convivial (pavement) cafes and restaurants alternating between exclusive and specialized stores, inclusive of famous fashion houses, interior stores with home accessories and furniture, jewellers, antique shops, and galleries. This quarter is bordered by the attractive and surprising shopping streets in the Jeker district, such as the Sint Pieterstraat.
The old centre between St. Servaasbrug and the Market accommodates a large number of shopping streets and alleys. During the course of 2003 the Bijenkorf concern opened its first department store in Limburg, on the Maastrichter Brugstraat. The city also possesses a mall, the Brusselse Poort shopping centre, which is located on the Dr. Bakstraat at the periphery of the city centre.


On Wednesday and Friday morning there is a general market on the Market square, around the City Hall, from 8.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.
The Fish-market takes place on Friday in the Boschstraat.
On Thursday there is a market in the Stationsstraat from 2.00 p.m. - 6.30 p.m.: special farming-products.
On Saturday there is a flea market in Stationsstraat, from 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. (opposite the railway station).
Christmas-market from 6th-23th December in the Dominicanerchurch and at the eastside of the Vrijthof Square. Hours of opening are the same as shoppinghours.

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