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Medical Help in Amsterdam

Alarm number: 112 (state where help is needed, state who his help you need, i.e. help from police, fire fighters or ambulance, you will then be put through to the appropriate department and can report what is occurring and where)

Medical help phone numbers:
Centrale GG&GD: 020 555 59 11
STD Clinic: 020 555 58 22
Dienst Ongediertebestrijding (battle vermin): 020 555 56 00
Tuberculose bestrijding: 020 555 52 40
Documentation and Information centre: 020 555 55 20
 Hygiene & Prevention Department: 020 555 55 81
Online Consultatiebureau(only in Dutch)

A ´consultatiebureau´ is an office which advices parents on their new born babies. This is where you can get all kinds of information about infants. In the Netherlands it is quite normal to visit these offices every few weeks for example to see if your child is developing well and to get their necessary vaccinations.

Consultatiebureau Albardakade: 020 555 58 30
Consultatiebureau Aldebaranplein: 020 555 58 06
Consultatiebureau Amstelveenseweg: 020 555 58 04
Consultatiebureau Bijlmerdreef: 020 555 58 12
Consultatiebureau Burg. de Vlugtlaan: 020 555 58 77
Consultatiebureau Evertweerplants.: 020 555 58 67
Consultatiebureau Hageland: 020 555 58 24
Consultatiebureau H. de Keijserstr: 020 555 58 34
Consultatiebureau Jan Tooropstraat: 020 555 58 70
Consultatiebureau Karel Doormanstr: 020 555 58 17
Consultatiebureau Kerkstraat: 020 555 58 45
Consultatiebureau Kraaijenhoffstr.: 020 555 58 13
Consultatiebureau Krimpertplein: 020 555 58 37
Consultatiebureau Magalhaensplein: 020 555 58 42
Consultatiebureau Nieuwe Achtergr.: 020 555 57 55
Consultatiebureau Palembangstraat: 020 555 58 55
Consultatiebureau Purmerweg: 020 555 58 11
Consultatiebureau Ravenswaaipad: 020 555 58 60
Consultatiebureau Schalk Burgerstr: 020 555 58 10
Consultatiebureau Van Leyenbergln.: 020 555 58 40
Consultatiebureau Van Oldenbarn.str: 020 555 58 53
Consultatiebureau Westerpark: 020 555 58 82
OKC Wingerdweg (centre for parent and child): 020 555 58 86
STD/HIV policlinic in Amsterdam

Policlinic for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)
It is possible to get yourself tested on STD at the Municipal Health Service(GGD). It is a free and anonymous clinic and that is why it is really busy. Expect to wait at least 2 hours!
The GGD service offers:
- free of charge STD check-up for anyone
- referral by a general practitioner not necessary
- no health insurance needed
- anonymous if requested

The address is:
Weesperplein 1
1018 XA Amsterdam
Tel: 020-555 58 22
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30-10:30 and 13:30-15:30. On Tuesday- and Thursday nights there is a drop-in (open) surgery from 19.00 to 20.30 pm.
It is not possible to make an appointment.
Note: The doors open 15 minutes prior to start of surgery. If there is a rush the clinic will close earlier than indicated so being present at the opening of the doors is essential.

Health education

Health education programmes by the GG&GD are usually developed by employees of the epidemiology division (EDG, Epidemiologie, Documentatie en Gezondheidsbevordering)
The secretariat can be reached by the following phone number: 003120 555 5495.


Drugs aid as provided by the Municipal Health Service of Amsterdam is carried out by a subdivision named 'Maatschappelijke en Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg (MGGZ)', which may be translated as ‘Social and Mental Health Care’.
Offered is a combination of methadone treatment and other forms of aid to the group of chronic (opiate) addicts of Amsterdam.
The care that is offered is on a voluntary basis and not aimed at detoxification but on maintenance treatment. The Health Service tries to stimulate its clients into a healthy behavioural pattern, hereby decreasing the risks of them contracting severe diseases like TB, STD’s, hepatitis and AIDS.

The group of (opiate) addicts consists of an ever more aging population. The number of (opiate) addicts has decreased the last couple of years, mostly due to mortality. In 2001 the decreasing number of (opiate) addicts in Amsterdam stabilizes and is estimated at 4250, with an average age of 40 years old.

Child care in Amsterdam

Main objective of the child care department (cluster Jeugdgezondheidszorg) of the Municipal Health Service of Amsterdam (GG&GD) is to stimulate and secure the health, growth and development of the youth in Amsterdam from 0 - 19 years old.
Around 300 employees from all sorts of occupations (physicians, nurses, speech therapists, office workers and medical receptionists) work together to carry the objective out.
The performed activities take place from 23 establishments, spread over the city of Amsterdam.

The organization is divided into 8 regions. Every region consists of a team of workers under direct responsibility of a team manager. Next to this on a central level there’s a staff bureau and a business bureau.

Travel Vaccination

Reizigersadvies en vaccinatiebureau:
This office, roughly translated as 'travellers advice and vaccination office', is part of the municipal health service of Amsterdam (GG&GD). It administers vaccinations and provides travellers with fitting recommendations (strictly in person, not by telephone or e-mail) for their travels to countries in Africa, South and Central America, Asia and the former Eastern Bloc countries.

Country information:
For information which vaccinations are required for your country of destination, you can take a look at the country list provided by the LCR (this is the Dutch coordination centre for travellers' health advice, website You can also call 0900 9584 (€ 0,45 a minute - this number can be reached 24 hours a day. It operates with use of a Dutch language voice-response system).

The office can be found on the fourth floor of the main building of the GG&GD, Nieuwe Achtergracht 100.

Public transport:
By trams 6, 7 or 10, stop Weesperplein. By metro, stop Weesperplein and use exit Valckeniersstraat.

Opening hours:
Travel vaccination: on weekdays from 08.00 to 10.00 (the registration counter is open from 07.30)
Hepatitis B vaccination: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 13.30 - 14.00
Consultation hours for children (for trips to Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria only) from July to December on Wednesdays 13.30 - 14.30 and from January to April on Wednesdays 13.30 - 14.30.

Consultation hours are on weekday mornings from 08.00 to 10.00.
The waiting room is on the fourth floor. First take a number and then fill out a form to register (registration starts at 07.30). If you are with a group of persons and you will make the same journey, one number will sufficient.
During an interview with one of their employees, a personal recommendation is given on required vaccines and anti malarial drugs. Taken into account are your destination, the time period, the means of travel and local accommodations, your state of health and prior administered vaccinations.
If your travel route is known it is handy to bring it along.
Bring your medical data and if you have it, your old vaccination certificate/booklet

The costs depend on the vaccinations required. You can pay in cash or pay by debit card (PIN). They don’t accept credit cards.

When to start?
For a travel period less than 3 months: about 4 weeks before departure.
For a travel period over 3 months: about 6 weeks before departure.

Protection period:
The protection period after immunisation is:
Diphtheria, tetanus, polio (DTP): 10 - 15 years
Yellow fever: 10 years
Typhoid: 1 - 3 years
Hepatitis A vaccine: at least 15 years
Hepatitis B vaccine: at least 15 years

Prices for vaccines and consultation:
(pricelist of GG&GD Amsterdam effective as of January 1st. 2007 - prices are subject to change)

Belly typhoid vaccine per piece € 31,50
Yellow fever per piece € 37,50
Hepatitis A vaccine (adults) per piece € 53,00 (series of 2)
Hepatitis A vaccine (kids from 0 to 15 years old) per piece € 25,00 (series of 2)
 Hepatitis A + B vaccine per piece € 58,00 (for adults, series of 3)
Hepatitis A + B vaccine per piece € 50,00 (for kids from 0 to 15 years old, series of 3)
Hepatitis B vaccine per piece € 32,00 (for adults, series van 3)
 Hepatitis B vaccine per piece € 31,00 (for kids from 0 to 15 years old, series of 3)
Meningococcal vaccine per piece € 40,50
Rabies vaccine per piece € 68,50 (series of 3)
 FSME Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine per piece € 52,00 (series of 3)
Diphtheria, tetanus, polio (DTP): € 21,00
 Japanese encephalitis vaccine per piece € 60,00 (series of 3)
Blood test Hepatitis A of B € 22,00
 Malaria council (+ prescription) € 7,50 (free for kids from 0 to 15 years old)
Cholera stamp: free of charge
Council: only vaccination council € 16,00 (you only pay this fee when you decide to get the vaccination another time or someplace else)
Vaccination certificate € 2,50

(n.b. the listed prices of the vaccines are a piece. You only pay for the vaccines administered during your visit. Vaccines administered during a follow-up visit are payed at that time).

Hygiene & Prevention
Prevention of infectious diseases:
A subdivision of the Municipal Health Service of Amsterdam named ‘Hygiene & Prevention’ (Hygiëne & Preventie) is engaged in advising private companies, institutions and entrepreneurs how to prevent infectious diseases.
For some companies and institutions H&P acts in an official supervisory capacity.

Examples of situations where infections may easily start are for example the preparation of food (for instance at institutions and the food service industry), poor cleaning at homeless shelters and asylum seekers’ accommodations and also all kinds of activities where the skin gets pierced (tattoos and piercings).
By amongst others advising hygiene guidelines H&P tries to prevent development of infections with for instance the Salmonella germ or the AIDS virus.

H&P carries out activities regarding the following subjects:
Kitchen hygiene at institutions, the food service industry (hotels, restaurants, catering services and cafés) and company kitchens.
Tattoos, permanent make-up and piercings.
Legionella prevention
Hygiene at nursing and elderly homes.
Funeral industry
Saunas and beauticians
Asylum seekers’ accommodations, homeless shelters
Inspection of day care centres (per January 1st. 2004)

Our direct environment like our house, street or neighbour hood we live in can cause issues. These issues can range from social and medical care for the homeless to problems concerning extreme nuisance, stench and filth.
This could be extreme anti-social behaviour by your neighbour or for instance the restaurant opposite your street producing a foul smell. Also having asbestos in your house, problems concerning moist, fungi et cetera.

If you have questions or want more information you can contact Joan Worp at (020) 555 5581 or by e-mail

Ambulance care

Ambulance Service:
The Ambulance Service (Ambulancedienst) of the Municipal Health Service of Amsterdam is the largest and oldest (1903) municipal ambulance service in the Netherlands. 40% of all ambulance transportation (over 33.000) in Amsterdam and (sub)regions are taken care of from two ambulance stations. The other part of the transportation is taken care of by a private company, named Verenigd Ziekenvervoer Amsterdam (VZA).

The two ambulance stations are situated at:
Main ambulance station is at the centre of Amsterdam, at the Valckenierstraat 21
Ambulance station Meibergdreef (south-east of Amsterdam, located in the AMC hospital)

Ambulance fleet:
The fleet of cars of the Ambulance Service consists of 22 ambulances and 2 luxury cars.

This Ambulance Service receives the requests for ambulance care at the (sub) regions Amsterdam, Zaanstreek, Waterland, Amstelland and Meerlanden, 24 hours a day.

It also takes care of certain tasks of the Municipal Health Service like summoning for police physicians, psychiatric nurses, emergency back-up duties etc.

Emergency operators (these are specially trained and qualified nurses) work in an automated modern environment. Every year around 100.000 ambulance transports are carried out.

The Meldkamer/CPA has its own website at

Total Members in Amsterdam: 1000
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