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Snackbars in Amsterdam

A snack bar is a shop where you can eat or have a take away deep fried snack. These little snacks are considered as fast food and therefore relatively cheap. A very well known snack bar is FEBO, to be recognized by the yellow pavement. You can order a snack at the desk or go really Dutch and take it out of a so called snack wall.

Any regular snack bar offers the following deep fried snacks:

Patat met:
The Dutch people love to eat fries with a creamy sauce, named mayonnaise or fritessaus. This sauce is definitely worth a try, especially at big fast food chains where they also serve this sauce.

Patat satesaus:
Patat satesaus are fries with a brown sweet and warm peanut sauce on it. It might sound a little distasteful, but in reality it is a great combination.

Patat oorlog:
This is an extraordinary combination of fries with two sauces; mayonnaise and sate sauce. Patat oorlog is perfect for people who are not afraid to try new combinations.

A kroket (croquet) is a short cylinder shaped delicacy made of tasty ragout and small slices of beef, all wrapped in a crispy breadcrumbs crust.

The frikandel is a long cylinder shaped delicacy made of a mixture of pork, beef, horse meat and chicken.

Bami or nasi schijf:
A spicy mix of fried noodles and vegetables or fried rice with vegetables wrapped in a crispy brown crust.

Kaassoufle (cheese soufflé) is filled with hot creamy cheese wrapped in a crispy yellow crust. A must for cheese lovers!

Chicken minced meat in a cornflake light brown crust. Very tasty in combination with sate sauce.

This is a very typical Dutch snack made of a minced meat ball sliced into pieces. The pieces are put on a sate stick and between every slice there is an onion ring. After this reconstruction the whole snack is deep fried and eaten with hot sate sauce.

A la Plancha
Spanish tapas in the middle of the Jordaan? No problem! Go to the tapas bar "A la Plancha". They serve 100% original spanish tapas. On Fridays and Saturdays Read More...

Pata Negra
Enjoy delicious Spanish tapas at Pata Negra! With

Sal Gorda
When you enter Sal Gorda it feels like yo Read More...
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